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In your face bold and bright or looking for some visual massage, you choose. This is a collection of palettes.

Colors are fun.



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Americhrome - The Morning News

The color that has come to signify America in today's combat theaters isn't the red, the white, or the blue picked by Betsy Ross, but an ignoble sandy hue commonly referred to as desert tan and officially identified as Federal Standard 595 Color No. 33446 .

The Beautiful, Forgotten Color Language Of 19th-Century Naturalists

Color swatches seem like a modern invention. Pantone, for instance, is tied up with the emerging post-World War II economy that needed to standardize colors in products and print media around the world. Paint companies, using carefully standardized chemical recipes, were able to sell the same shade of ecru in thousands of stores.

Colors.Cafe (WIP)

Hello folks, A lot of people ask me where I find these colors: either it is a website or I combine them myself? The answer always was myself. :D So I am in the process of creating the website wh...