Diagram: Logo and Icon

Logo and Icon

The essence of branding in a single bite. I like it.

Yes, stuff here that I like.



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Holiday Wrapping Paper

A little piece of the holiday wrapping paper Jessica Carpenter, our Carpenter Collective team and I made this year for our friends and family. You can see more photos attached or check out our post...

Space / Collector's edition

I LOVE new styles and experiments! These really help to see one's work from a different angle and break creativity barriers. Please allow me to present to you my new SPACE project, all set for do...


Here's the mark I created for Nod Hill Brewery. The client wanted their logo to incorporate natural elements - hill, campfire, moon - that evoked a picturesque setting for enjoying a beer amongst f...

TrailheaDX Landscape

Landscape illustration I did for Salesforce's TrailheaDX Conference.


不知为何 眼中的字总是立体的