Pylos Export from Grasshopper

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This component packages up your grasshopper definition and uploads it to pylos for sharing.

The Pylos Export component makes it super easy to create a Pylos block from your Grasshopper definition. It copies your grasshopper definition, your Rhino model (if requested) and saves screenshots for your active viewport and the grasshopper canvas then zips everything up and uploads it to Pylos.

Pylos works best when you add a lot of rich metadata such as tags and a good description. It also is easy for others to use your block if you clean up any random or unused components, and provide it with a generic/example model. 

To use the component, simply add in the required details as inputs and set _export to true (a button works best here, it only needs to be run once). Set the includeRhino input to True if you want to include the rhino model, and set the GHForThumb input to True if you think the GH screenshot is best as the thumbnail on Pylos.

When you export from grasshopper, the component will upload the files to Pylos, and launch the pylos import website where you can finish importing the block. You can see progress by attaching a panel to the readMe The export link expires after 4 hours so it's best to finish it all at one time.

The code is in part based off work by the Ladybug Tools team and the Fern of the Andes blog author.

One note on files and images - the importer may have trouble if your images are too large or if your model is too large. Try to keep blocks specific to the problem it is intended to solve, unnecessary geometry only complicates things and takes up unnecessary space. Thanks!


The component has been tested in Rhino 5 for windows only, we will look into revising code to make it work with Rhino 6 and the Mac versions soon.

This component uploads to Pylos on, a future version will upload to


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  • v1 - April 23 This is the original version of this resource.
  • v2 - September 26 Version 1.0.8 fixes the ironpython bug, adds option to show file instead of upload, and resolves an issue with Rhino 6 when exporting when not saved. (by Sean Facebook)