Making beautiful webpages work

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At the end of this guide, you will know...

Be able to make beautiful pages for the internet and see great things at work.

What makes this important/useful?

Sometime you get tired of looking at pages that are pure lines and text, and it'd be really nice to just view content in a nice and clean and pretty format. That is what this page is supposed to do for us.

  Easy difficulty
  This guide has 2 steps
  You'll need less than 30 minutes

This is my second step without bullet points, not sure what will happen but it'll be great test test test anyways.

Step 2 - First step to greatness

  • The first thing is to get a good team
  • having a diverse set of skills and personalities goes a long way to making great things
Add a step to the end of the guide.


Wow, you are so great. This was a great exercise in making a page look great with images and such to sooth the visual soul.