Life Cycle Assesment

This Lunch and Learn resource is by Sean Wittmeyer and was posted by Sean Facebook, last updated 1 year ago.

Sean presents on the value of Life Cycle Assessments in the design process and offers examples of how to do so.

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools, benefits of analysis, and potential workflows that allow architects and designers to engage with the embodied environmental impacts of building materials. This includes the optimization of higher performance materials and reduction of higher impact material early in the design process through the evaluation of multiple options as well as the overall evaluation of the whole building prior to construction.

  1. Learn to make the argument for LCA with clients and project teams and understand how to present LCA data to support decision making.
  2. Learn effective methods for integrating LCA into every phase of the design process, from pre- design through construction documentation.
  3. Understand the required methods and standards for the LEED v4 Whole Building Life Cycle Reduction Credit and proper method for submitting credit documentation.
  4. Understand how LCA can influence material choices and specification writing.