Environmental Analysis

This is a collection of what I do and how I do it.

This is a collection of what I do and how I do it.


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Landscape Urbanism

Caramelization half and half robust kopi-luwak, brewed, foam affogato grounds extraction plunger pot, bar single shot froth eu shop latte et, chicory, steamed seasonal grounds dark organic. Learn More about Landscape Urbanism →

Urban Datascapes

More and more, the proliferation of data is changing the ways in which we inhabit space. Urban Data can be placed in the hands of the crowd: and be transformed into emergent datascapes that steer how we inhabit the city. Learn More about Urban Datascapes →

Non Linear/Historic Processes

Non-linear systems are those in which a small change to initial conditions can result in a large scale change to the system over the course of time. This is due to the fact that such systems are subject to cascading feedback loops, that amplify slight changes. The notion has been popularized in the concept of 'the butterfly effect'. Learn More about Non Linear/Historic Processes →

Complexity in Urbanism

The visualization below provides an overview of Key CAS concepts and how they relate to different streams of urban inquiry. For more information on a particular urban topic, and how it relates to concepts and key aspects of CAS, click on the diagram. Learn More about Complexity in Urbanism →


A collection of thoughts and topics related to the practice of architecture. Learn More about Architecture →

Useful Daylight Illuminance

How useful is the light coming into the space? Learn More about Useful Daylight Illuminance →

Spatial Daylight Autonomy

Spatial daylight autonomy or sDA tells you if there is enough daylight. Learn More about Spatial Daylight Autonomy →

Annual Sunlight Exposure

ASE gives you a feel for how excessive sun affects your space in terms of glare and solar heat gain. Learn More about Annual Sunlight Exposure →

Design Tools

This is a category illustrating the design tools used in the architectural design process. Learn More about Design Tools →



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