Urban Datascapes

More and more, the proliferation of data is changing the ways in which we inhabit space. Urban Data can be placed in the hands of the crowd: and be transformed into emergent datascapes that steer how we inhabit the city.

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Flows and Interactions

Complex Systems involve the exchange of energy and information amongst actors. These interactions are what structure the system, where the behavior of the actors is predicated upon the structure of these relations, rather than upon the nature of the actors themselves. Learn More about Flows and Interactions →

Power Laws

CAS tend to self-organize to a critical state, where the distributions of agents relative to their impact on the system follows a power-law distribution. Learn More about Power Laws →

Information Theory

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Caramelization half and half robust kopi-luwak, brewed, foam affogato grounds extraction plunger pot, bar single shot froth eu shop latte et, chicory, steamed seasonal grounds dark organic. Learn More about Fractals →

Emerg. of mathematical regularities

What one could describe as the 'fingerprint' of a complex system is the emergence of certain kinds of mathematical regularities that describe the system. Characteristic features of the system are organized according to POWER-LAW Distributions. Power-law distributions also appear in FRACTAL systems. Keep exploring in the topics below to learn more about mathematical regularities in CAS. Learn More about Emerg. of mathematical regularities →


Complex Systems are generated from the local interactions of multiple AGENTS. These agents are not actively striving to achieve any form of 'global' structure or pattern, but simply behave in their own self interests. Hence, we describe CAS dynamics as being generated from 'the bottom up' as opposed to 'the top down' as would be the case in traditional hierarchical organizations. Learn More about Bottom-up →


Complex systems do not follow linear, predictable chains of cause and effect. Instead, system trajectories can diverge wildly into entirely different regimes. The moments in time when a system splits into different, but equally probable trajectories is referred to as a system bifurcation. Learn More about Bifurcations →

Attractor States

Complex Systems can unfold in multiple trajectories. However, there may be trajectories that become more stable of 'fit'. Such states are considered 'attractor states' to which a system tends to gravitate. Learn More about Attractor States →


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