Largely born in the realm of visualization and an evolutionary step forward for architectural rendering, virtual reality and augmented reality offer tools and experiences that are helping the design process evolves with computational design.

Virtual reality platforms and tools are readily available for designers, from Revit's rendering in the cloud service creating panoramas compatible with cardboard viewers to the more extensive interactive Unity-based game-like experiences where designers and clients alike can participate in the iterative design process in VR.

I am currently working on a visualization platform designed for panorama creators to publish single point and multi-point tours in a single service. The benefits include branding, a single place for hosting single and collections of views, online editing of tours, and standardization of views for a single web-based viewer with a series of online conversion services. Export from any format and add into the platform for sharing.


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3dio-js - javaScript toolkit for interior apps - example that allows you to map a room and automatically populate it with furniture. fun!