Small scale projects and design-build installations.

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Photo Credit and Caption: Underwater image of fish in Moofushi Kandu, Maldives, by Bruno de Giusti (via Wikimedia Commons)

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Articles and Projects

Explore Small further in the articles, observations, and projects I've had the opportunity to work on.

Small Scale Marchutz School of Art A rich history enters a new chapter as the Ferdinand Poullion designed artist retreat is expanded with a new outdoor classroom and workshop as a part of a 3-week design-build for IAU and RAW students. Role included project design, material sourcing, and program coordination. Keep reading... →
Small Scale La Mesita San Pablo Etla La Mesita is an eco-retreat sharing practices for more responsible living practices with the greater Oaxaca community The site includes a number of design-build structures including El Mirador, a lookout, and El Arca, an outdoor exhibition space as attractions. Role on the projects was a general participant with the RAW team. Keep reading... →
Small Scale El Colibri Coffee Farm Finca Antigua is a sustainable coffee farm and educational center perched on the hillsides of Turrialba. As a member of the Build Lightly team, we added needed structural support to the existing building and expanded it with a bright and open kitchen/work space for guests and staff.  Keep reading... →
Small Project Brewster ADU Nestled in the hillside of El Cerrito, the Brewster commands stunning views across the whole Bay Area while affording a cozy Japandi-style 2 bedroom, 2 bath rental home below the main residence. Designed while at New Avenue Homes. Keep reading... →