Game Theory

The study of games is an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking about engagement, decentralized yet structured ideation, and play from the table-top to the design of cities.

One Field and Two Applications

The development of nature of participation in public planning at the urban level has been the subject of decades of research from public meetings and town halls to surveys and voting, however today game theory has been harnessed in fresh new ways to engage stakeholders of all kinds in ways to promote inclusion and investment in civic projects.

Through studies in complexity theory and it's application to the design process for projects of any scale, the nature of games has tremendous opportunities and recent manifestations of simulations, games, and workshops have allowed urban planners, designers, and architects to change the narrative while pushing big projects forward.

The development of games whether a board game as the family's evening entertainment or an interactive workshop for design of a new city draws its roots from the same principles and the articles, projects, and research topics here are a reflection of all sides of contemporary discourse. The design of table top board games will be a significant theme across projects and articles (the first being Alpenrose, a ski-themed engine building Euro-style game) as will the innovations of the Dutch as they design and redesign the urban landscape.

Designing Alpenrose - A Ski Game

This will be a place to host a narrative of alpenrose as it is developed, content pending...

Almere and the MVRDV Experiments

Some of the most visible implementations of game theory as it relates to public participation in urban development and planning is Oosterwold and the decentralized planning efforts of Almere. The experimental city north of Amsterdam across the Ij has been the subject to some wonderful experiments and launched a whole mindset and era of how to use play during the design and implementation of a master-scale project.

More on this to come as well.


Photo Credit and Caption: Underwater image of fish in Moofushi Kandu, Maldives, by Bruno de Giusti (via Wikimedia Commons)

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