This is a collection of themes that I'm interested in.

There are a number of awesome things that come out of interests and curiosities.

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Landscape Architecture

This is the beginning of a beautiful collection. Learn More about Landscape Architecture →

Idioms and Phrases

Well ain't this bag of tricks and snippits of howdy doodies the cat's pajamas? Learn More about Idioms and Phrases →

Graphics and Web

this is an inspiration collection for web interfaces. Learn More about Graphics and Web →


This is a place to keep up with games of the past. Specifically Battlefield 1942. Learn More about Games →

Design Build

Community design build projects connect design opportunity for communities and organizations typically under-served by designers with the creativity and enthusiasm of people hungry for an adventure. Learn More about Design Build →


A collection of thoughts and topics related to the practice of architecture. Learn More about Architecture →


Largely born in the realm of visualization and an evolutionary step forward for architectural rendering, virtual reality and augmented reality offer tools and experiences that are helping the design process evolves with computational design. Learn More about VR/AR →



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