I've organized the links, articles, primers, and projects here into a handful of themes that I am most interested in.

This serves more as a collection of the themes than a proper content page. The layout will shift to something more suited to a list of themes soon!

The themes I care about.


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Articles and Projects

Explore Themes further in the articles, observations, and projects I've had the opportunity to work on.

As cities are harnessing technology to collect data, improve efficiency, and modernize infrastructure, platforms are becoming central to the development of the city's digital twin and a heart for how cities are managed and how citizens can engage with them.

Smart Cities & Platform Urbanism Keep reading... →
Some Subtitle Here Next Generation Infrastructure & Mobility Keep reading... →

The architecture industry tends to be slow to adopt new technologies as they are increasingly changing the way we do architecture. As information becomes a driver for decision making, we are at an exciting period for harnessing the computer and algorithms in design.

Generative Design & Digital Architectural Practice Keep reading... →

The study of games is an opportunity to explore new ways of thinking about engagement, decentralized yet structured ideation, and play from the table-top to the design of cities.

Game Theory Keep reading... →

What does a technological revolution look like for the food industry and how can we strengthen food hubs as the link and the gap between the industry heavyweights and the local farmers markets.

Food Networks Keep reading... →