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Board Game Alpenglow Hit the slopes in Alpenglow: a thrilling Ski Resort strategy board game for 2 to 5 tycoons. Build your ski area and master the mountain. Keep reading... →
Alpenglow Design Series 5. Rules and Revisions The most important part of the process so far has been learning how to teach new players and ditching the personal tutorials for a rulebook is tough. Keep reading... →
Primer Understanding Generative AI Generative AI is nothing new in computer science circles however 2022 saw the proliferation of high quality tools designed for mass audiences. Meet the next pivotal technology. Keep reading... →
Alpenglow Design Process 3. Play Testing Applying game theory to the process of designing a game is a great way to keep the project on task as anything is subject to change. Keep reading... →
Alpenglow Design Process 2. The First Prototype The first step of getting your first prototype more than pushing print or buying the components. It's the process of thinking out all of the ways you want the game to play and preparing for them. Keep reading... →
Alpenglow Design Process 1. It Started with the Theme A creative discussion in a car on the way to get a Christmas tree turned into the foundation of Alpenrose, a ski resort themed. Keep reading... →
Making a Board Game _Designing Alpenrose This is the excerpt Keep reading... →
Alpenglow Design Process 4. From Wireframes to Illustrations What is arguably just as fun as designing the mechanics of the game is crafting the art and components to make a great first impression yet be easy to play with and enjoy. Keep reading... →
Diversion Battlefield 1942 This may not have to do with architecture or smart cities but it's still important! This is my collection of resources for helping the monkeyhaus battlefield clan get back online playing BF1942 like it's 2002. Keep reading... →
This is the subtitle Islands as Urban Solutions

This is the excerpt

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Primer What is a Smart City? "Smart cities are places where information technology is wielded to address problems" - Anthony Townsend Keep reading... →
This is the subtitle Decentralizing the Authority on Civic Ratings The tradition of going though official or authoritative channels for information about public services and city assets is becoming decentralized. Keep reading... →
Article The Interface of the City The role of the architect or planner is no longer the mastermind of a project’s form but the curator of the process that yields the form. Keep reading... →
This is the subtitle Idea - Civic Services and Mobile-Only Delivery The Coronavirus pandemic has been pushing public agencies to deliver services through online services but this shift from paper forms and in-person interactions isn't new. Keep reading... →
This is the subtitle Idea - Coronavirus as the City's Impetus for Change Cities are taking a number of radical steps towards more equitable and sustainable future through technological, planning, and urban design initiatives due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Keep reading... →
This is the subtitle Idea - Urban Furniture

This is the excerpt

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Article The Smartphone as urban mediator and ‘sixth-sense’ A new platform for recognizing and acting upon the signals of the city. Article presented at the 14th Meeting of the AESOP Thematic Group on Planning and Complexity, Bamberg, Germany Keep reading... →
Idea A food hub for Las Vegas An introduction into a project studying the food landscape of Las Vegas and the potential to serve the community through a food hub. Keep reading... →
Quote Platforms and Ownership of Infrastructures “Far from being mere owners of information, these companies are becoming owners of the infrastructures of society.” Keep reading... →
Observation Indoor and Local Growing Who is growing at the local scale in Las Vegas, what does it look like, and how does the question of the indoors change the question? Keep reading... →
Observation Challenges of the Centralized Smart Cities Approach Smart cities as a topic of discourse and introduction into the urban landscape is evolving as fast as it has come into the world. One theme of late is the difficulty to make them work, especially when approached from the ground, up. Keep reading... →