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Article The Smartphone as urban mediator and ‘sixth-sense’ A new platform for recognizing and acting upon the signals of the city. Article presented at the 14th Meeting of the AESOP Thematic Group on Planning and Complexity, Bamberg, Germany Keep reading... →
Idea A food hub for Las Vegas An introduction into a project studying the food landscape of Las Vegas and the potential to serve the community through a food hub. Keep reading... →
Quote Platforms and Ownership of Infrastructures “Far from being mere owners of information, these companies are becoming owners of the infrastructures of society.” Keep reading... →
Observation Indoor and Local Growing Who is growing at the local scale in Las Vegas, what does it look like, and how does the question of the indoors change the question? Keep reading... →
Observation Challenges of the Centralized Smart Cities Approach Smart cities as a topic of discourse and introduction into the urban landscape is evolving as fast as it has come into the world. One theme of late is the difficulty to make them work, especially when approached from the ground, up. Keep reading... →
Primer What is a Smart City? "Smart cities are places where information technology is wielded to address problems" - Anthony Townsend Keep reading... →