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Photo Credit and Caption: Underwater image of fish in Moofushi Kandu, Maldives, by Bruno de Giusti (via Wikimedia Commons)

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Articles and Projects

Explore Urban further in the articles, observations, and projects I've had the opportunity to work on.

Urban Scale Our Gardens: Ames Our Gardens: Ames is a circular model for how urban sprawl and agricultural industry can find synergy rather than displace each other by integrating new urban agricultural practices between the homes of the community. Keep reading... →
Urban Scale The BoCo/LoDo Line A light rail study for the automobile-dominant Northwest Corridor between Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Keep reading... →
Urban Scale The Missing Middle of Capitol East An archicomic on potential paths to address the missing middle, a void between East High and Capitol View Elementary Schools created by the creation of Interstate 235 in Des Moines, Iowa. Keep reading... →