What is Pylos?

Pylos is a repository of commonly used computational design and analysis tools (what we call blocks) and curated tutorials (what we call guides) that make it easy for anyone to engage with performance and computational design in their projects.

ZGF has a great collection of tools available for use in the design and development of projects and the Project Performance Team (PPT) has collected and curated a number of these here for you to use. 

Most of the tools here are designed to be used with Rhino/Grasshopper, Revit/Dynamo, and 3ds Max. You'll find them organized into categories, project phases, and tags which will help you find what you are looking for.


Blocks are the building blocks that make up a good computational design or performance analysis script. These are usually groups of components or code that helps simplify common tasks you engage with. Some blocks are pretty comprehensive (example files from plugin makers) and others are as simple as a single component or snippit of code that solves or simplifies a task. Anyone at the firm can share blocks on Pylos. You can learn more about how to do this on our submit your own blocks page.


Guides are curated tutorials that help you do a whole task, and usually include sample files so that you can follow along. Guides will take a sample or real project and show how you can go about doing some sort of analysis or design exercise. Some of the guides here are focused on environmental design analysis such as daylighting and energy performance while others may focus on other computational design exercises. We are making Pylos the best place to find tutorials and examples for the tasks they want to accomplish.

What Software Do I Need?

Each block and guide will tell you what type of item it is (Grasshopper, Dynamo, etc) and will list dependencies as red boxes on the right hand side of the page. Click on a dependency to see how to get any dependency installed.

To get started with most of the blocks out of the box, you can check in with the following tools:

  • Rhino and Grasshopper (link coming soon)
  • Dynamo and Revit (link coming soon)