Keep track of what we are working on and what we are planning to add as Pylos grows and evolves.

As a repository for a variety of content types, making sure we are thoughtfully considering the best ways to store and share information and may not have every part of the platform fully developed. You can use this page to track our progress as things evolve.

A single content type should have the following features built for full support:

  • List - A way to organize and list items. This includes search pages and categories/tags.
  • View - A way to view a single item
  • Create - A way to create or add items to Pylos
  • Edit - A way to edit and curate an item, including adding revisions
  • Organize - Some content can be organized such as nesting pages

Where we are today

Pylos currently supports the following types of content:

  • Blocks (list, view, create, edit)
  • Pages (list, view, create, edit)
  • Design Explorer (list, view, create)
  • Guides (list, view, create, edit)
  • Presentations (list, view, create)
  • Dependencies (edit, organize)

what's up next

We are working on adding the following features and content types:

  • Blocks (editing of tags)
  • Design Explorer (edit, organize)
  • Guides (editing of tags)
  • Presentations (edit)
  • VR (list, view, create, edit, organize)
  • Ladybug Spyder (list, view, create, edit, organize)
  • Lunch and Learn Persuasions and Roadmap
  • Projects (better handling of our link to Vision)

Tracking Progress and Issues

We are keeping our development roadmap updated with issues that pop up and progress made on adding new features. Feel free to reach out to Sean Wittmeyer if you have interest in helping with making Pylos better or are curious about how this all came about.