Facade Shading Analysis Script

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Testing Awesomeness 6

This script allows you to run multiple facade shading-based anlaysis including: 1) shading masks 2) sunpath and balance point temp overlay 3) solar peak day and hour identification w/o shading on sunpath 4) % solar peak radiation reduction 5) hours occluded by shading 6) excel hourly analysis of all these outputs. All you need to do is select analysis point, shading context, shading device, and window surface.

Component List

4Point Surface x1BB Offset x1Boundary Surfaces x1Brep Edges x1Brep x3Circle CNR x1Concatenate x2Control Polygon x1Control Wire Display x3Cull Pattern x2Custom Preview Lineweights x1Data Viewer x2Daylighting Grid x2Divide Surface x1Division x3Enable/Disable Object x3Entwine x1Face Normals x1File Path x1Find similar member x1Flip Matrix x2Get Objects of Same Type x1Gradient x1Grid Viewer x4Hide/Show Object Preview x2Ladybug_Analysis Period x1Ladybug_C2F x1Ladybug_download EPW Weather File x1Ladybug_Import epw x1Ladybug_Ladybug x1Ladybug_Legend Parameters x1Ladybug_Open EPW And STAT Weather Files x1Ladybug_Separate data x1Ladybug_Shading Mask x1Ladybug_Sunlight Hours Analysis x2Ladybug_SunPath x3List Item x8List Length x1Mass Addition x6Member Index x3Mesh Colours x4MonthDayHour x2Move x7Multiplication x8Number Slider x56Param Viewer x2Point List x1Radiation Map x2Reverse List x1Round x2Scene Object x2Series x4Set Group Properties x4Set Panel Properties x1Sort List x1Split List x2Stream Filter x1Subtraction x3Unit X x2Unit Z x3Vector XYZ x3Write To Excel x1


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