Install Battlefield 1942 Mods - Pirates and Desert Combat Final

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At the end of this guide, you will know...

This should help in setting up Pirates and The two Desert Combat mods.

What makes this important/useful?

Battlefield was made incredible by mods in my opinion. I've collected the three we played with the most, DC .7, DC Final, and pirates. They are included in the link above. There are a number of others still online, hosted here. We may mirror some of them to make sure they don't become lost to the internet at some point!

  Easy difficulty
  This guide has 3 steps
  You'll need less than 30 minutes

Step 1 - Install Battlefield 1942

This stem may sound silly but I've found you need to have Battlefield 1942 running before you try to install the mods, we have run into issues when skipping this. Simply open the game, play for a minute or two, then come back to install these.

Step 2 - Install Pirates

Pirates should install without any issue, i'll post any updates here if that changes.

Download the mods →

Step 3 - Install Desert Combat 0.7 and Desert Combat Final

Install 0.7 first then follow with Desert Combat Final. They include different maps but combine in the game.

Download the mods →

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All done, let's play!