The secret sauce to pushing project performance is engaging with a variety of different design and performance strategies.

This is a collection of resources related to playing old and new games.

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Controlling and designing for wind is a great way for buildings to harness the good and limit the bad of natural ventilation.

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Energy is often a focus of design because it is the intersection of how we regulate high performance design and how users engage in a space they can use in comfort.

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Biophilic design is more than bringing plants into a building but includes improving occupant health and wellbeing bu reconnecting the users with their roots as humans on earth.

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There are a number ways builders and designers have addressed environmental and comfort performance without the need of active and costly systems.

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Understanding the climate can help set a project on the right track and can drastically impact performance with minimal cost.

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Setting up goals early and keeping to them can keep a project on track even when the going gets rough.

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Look into the forces that inform the site from climate to neighboring buildings and communities.

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Spatial analysis is all about understanding the understanding what kind of site you have and how to best utilize it for your spaces.

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